2023 Secret Is Out – The Best Caribbean Islands For Spring Break

by Lisa Yarde

The Caribbean has some of the most wonderful vacation places in the world. This makes it famous with visitors worldwide. Many people, anyway, have issue deciding which island to visit. Let’s look at the top 10 Caribbean islands for spring break and what type of traveler each is top suited for. 

1St. Lucia 


Largely considered one of the most charming of the Caribbean Islands, St. Lucia has long been a famous place for honeymooners. It specs many all-inclusive resorts with lots of amenities, green landscape with mountains as well as wonderful beaches. 


Barbados is one of the most beautiful islands, providing a big range of activities and accommodations. It has locations to stay for visitors of every budget, and a diversity of cultural and landscapes activities. 



Bermuda is famous as one of the most beautiful of the Caribbean Islands, and also on the formal side. It has a powerful British influence, as you can still find many locations that serve traditional afternoon tea. 


Antigua is a little island that is generally grouped with its nearby neighbor Barbuda. A famous gambling place, Antigua has a best selection of casinos. 

5Puerto Rico 

Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the Americans. They do not need a passport to visit this Island. This is an amazing Island full of activities. Cities such as Ponce and San Juan provides lots of historical places as well as best nightlife and food. 

6St Kitts 

White is a little Island, St Kitts is a huge on charm, with the type of untouched feeling that is harder and difficult to find in the Caribbean. 


Maybe you have tried a eco-lodge in this Dominica, or the charming Secret Bay. But Dominica is house to a robust collection of wonderful little hotels. 


Jamaica attracts visitors of many different types. Some come to view best flora and wildlife, including lots of exotic species of birds. 


This little Island is not quite as famous as some of its neighbor, and many guests consider that a best thing. 


Desert-island Aruba may not as green tropical as the other Caribbean places but makes up for the deficiency of palm trees with a endless range of fun and adventure choices. 

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