5 Beaches We Absolutely Love In The Caribbean

The Caribbean is well-known for its year-round warm climate and stunning beaches. With so many to pick from, it’s difficult to narrow down the very finest beaches. Get an insight into just a few of the best beaches in the Caribbean at venues including British Virgin Island, Bahamas, and Jamaica to name about a few.

Seven Mile Beach, Negril, Jamaica

There is no reason Negril’s most well-known beach is lined with hotels: the sand is very soft, the surf is a seductive clean aqua hue and the sunsets are amazing. Needless to say, this beach is identical with fun, so it is not for shy, retiring sorts. Live entertainment, free-flowing the entire-inclusive bars, and a few clothing options create a carefree party area. Not that there is something wrong with that.

Grace Bay, Turks, and Caicos

While in the Caribbean, I had to add one of my most favorite beaches in the glove that’s well-known for Island hoppers. The spot offers clear blue waters, amazing white sand beaches and a huge range of luxury hotels. A few of the finest rested hotels are situated in the Grace Bay.

Pink Sands, Harbour Island, The Bahamas

It is love at first blush, the island of the Bahamas Is a hose to several strands of amazing white sand, so what sets this luxury Harbour Island Pink Sand beach, it is 3 miles long and 60-100 ft wide – apart is its subtle rose hue. Clearly visible, the soft pink sand invites relaxation and gives a mix of privacy and camaraderie (at small sand beach bars and eateries).

The Baths, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

In Sep 2017 the British Virgin Island was hit hard by Hurricane, and while many of its top resorts have just partially reopened, Virgin Gorda’s peak attraction has been welcoming travelers for months. Arrive by ship or land to mix up amid a maze of mammoth boulders, claim a patch of smooth sand or snorkel in clear water. Only know that when ships are anchored nearby, you might feel more like a tourist to a water-park than a castaway in heaven.

Half Moon Bay, Saint Philip Parish, Antigua

This destination gets its name from its wide curved form reminiscent of the moon. This gorgeous beach features pink colored sand and is unspoiled in its natural elegance. Here beachgoers can enjoy snorkeling in the super clear waters and a rum blow at Smiling Harry’s Thirst Quencher.

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