Be a Coco Loco With These Radiant Coconut Beauty Products

Coconuts are not only healthier but these are also a signature of vacation pictures. Associated with beaches and cocktails and sunny-sides, coconuts have quite a lot of beneficial secrets to reveal.

Coconut water, the oils – all add as agents which help your skin to look younger and feel refreshed. Add a tablespoon to your coffee and it regulates your metabolism and improves your hair growth.

Coconut also helps improve and eliminate bad breath and the scent of your body odor.

For that radiating beauty glow coconut oil beats all, it hydrates the skin, revitalizes the hair and is a natural makeup remover.


Conscious Coconut cold pressed virgin coconut uses certified, authentic, freshly harvested coconut which are picked and not to be older than 2 to 3 days off the tree. With anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties – it can be used for cooking, or could be mixed with coffee or better to re-activate your skin with massage sessions. Being compact sized, this is a perfect solution to your skin and body needs.

Flores Concept

Originally from Bali – this product brings all the essence of freshly picked and plucked coconuts from the island. You get the freshest blend of virgin coconuts, with the preserved originality of the island.

Bringing together the essence of coconut oil, fused with the concept of Tri Hita Karana, the product is free of any toxic ingredient. What you get is a genuine, natural product; free from synthetic mixing which does not deliver nature’s effect in full.

The 100% natural cold pressed coconut oil gives you a natural feeling, the effect that is the same as

using the natural coconut oil extracted from Bali’s coconut trees. Keep Bali’s best pick handy..

Dr. Jacksons Coconut Melt

Whiten your teeth? Or remove your makeup without any fear of artificial buildup under your skin? Or maybe you just want to enjoy the fresh taste of something healthy?

Jackson’s Coconut Melt does just all of these – whiter teeth. Yes, stick a bit in your mouth, melt it, swirl it around the inside of your mouth, spit it out and you’ll get whiter and better teeth. You’ll feel the silk texture of Dr. Jackson’s Coconut Melt treating you well – you’ll fall for the pure original melt, made from genuine original coconut with no further additives. You enjoy the purity, the untouched purity.

Burt Bees Coconut Foot Cream

Take this ointment foot cream for the ultimate pleasure feeling you don’t want to miss after a long day

of touring and venturing here and there. This is the perfect treatment for your sore feet.

Mixed with rosemary oil, with a blessed touch of peppermint, doused with healthy amounts of freshly extracted coconut oils – massage the combination on feet and heels. The soothing, comforting effect will soon put you to sleep. The feeling of getting in the bed with relaxed, softened feet is just quite heavenly. Treat yourself everyday to start your next day even more energetic and brighter.

Calypso Glow Enriching Body Bar Coconut Water

The body cleansing and energizing bar is a fine selection of extracted coconut oil hailing from natural habitats. The body bar gives you a special treatment with radiated and glowing skin.

So jump in the shower for a quick break. The coconut and olive oil combination leaves you feeling energetic, brighter and positive. You’ll love how your skin feels fresher and more breathing. The nourishing effect cleans your body even more, giving you even more kick for the day. So if you’re

heading to the next meeting or planning to shop or visit a new monument – a fresh feeling will just make your day look and feel different.

The coconut ingredients are selectively and carefully picked from the Caribbean Island’s most exotic,

untouched and natural habitats. So carry the Caribbean freshness in your backpack, wherever you go.


Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Coconut Oil Body Cream

Do you want to feel like having baby skin – try Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Oil Body Cream. The lavender has such a good elegant and soft feeling, that you’ll feel like being pampered like a bathed and cleaned baby.

The gorgeous lavender is mixed intelligently by Dr. Bronner with organic hemp, coconut oil concluded with avocado oil portions. The well mixed body cream gives you an elegant feeling, unlocking wonderful smells that keep you fresh and energetic all day long. Your long day vacation will earn an extra mile and many hours for you to keep going further. Its best to keep it handy before important meetings and for short-notice get together.

Organic Doctor’s Virgin Coconut Oil Shampoo

Organic Doctor’s Virgin Coconut Oil Shampoo is packed with natural coconut oil extract without any

traces of artificiality and synthetic colors which are damaging.

Instead, the shampoo is fused richly with citrus scents, with a rich and generous mix of coconut oil. This combination makes your hair shinier, healthier, thicker and less frizzy, you won’t spend hours untangling your hair. Enjoy your fluff and smooth flowing hair. No hard chemicals anymore.

Natural World Hydration and Shine Conditioner

After shampoo, if you have a natural, original and genuine ingredient conditioner – your hair will turn

into silky flowing Cinderella’s competition. Don’t you want that?

Nourish your hair with protein rich molecular coconut oil that seeps in and repairs your hair, naturally. No additives, no doctor’s chemicals included. That’s a guarantee. What goes into this conditioner is very interesting – coconut water, splashed with oils of cedarwood, Rosemary, lemongrass, orange and YIang. The mineral and fruit rich combination make your hair fluffy, healthy, shinier and softer. Your picture with bouncy hair will be hit in the backdrop of the seashore. Make your holidays very picture perfect with this conditioner.

E-Ra Organics Complete Facial Cream

Made for your face but don’t keep yourself limited to your complexion. Use it for your body, let the coconut treat and repair your skin inside out. Made with essential oils, Manuka Honey, amino acids and natural oils; you’re in for a whole body treatment with this soft textured cream that unlocks creative energy.

Coconut oil not only improves your skin radiation but it is an effective anti-aging agent. Why would you consult expensive doctors when natural coconut is all you need to carry. No sun-blocks needed. Just keep coconut facial cream handy when you’re stepping out. Look fresh and prepared, just all the time.

Honore Des Pres – Love Coco

When we’re talking about complexion, foot care and fluffy hair, why should scents be left behind? With

a whiff of coconut, rusty notes and tropical essence – you get a refreshing fragrance that keeps you

settled, fresh and alert. You’ll love your own scent and feel coming back for it again.


Set your mood on auto-activate with Honore Des Pres – the selectively made perfume that gives you the original tropical summer feeling when you wear it.

Dirt Oil Pulling Mouthwash

Your regular mouthwash contains chemicals that go hard on your gums and enamel. Coconut oil pulling is a centuries old technique to remove and reverse the cavities. Without any harmful chemicals, coconut oil mouthwash comes with anti-bacterial features that take care of your teeth. Also, you will notice whiter teeth with repeat use.

Herb-infused, natural coconut oil mouthwash helps you keep your mouth sweet and odor-free throughout the day. Smile confidently. Now you don’t need to pull back when you speak.

Hurraw Coconut Lip Balm

Chapped lips – no problem anymore. Try this Hurraw lip balm which is enriched with organic natural coconut oil extract that keeps your lips full and hydrated. Another tip is to keep pouring a few drops on your belly button before going to bed, that keeps the dryness from your lips. Sounds crazy but it works.

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