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Catching The Wave At The Most Coveted Surf Spot With St Barth’s Pro Surfer

Catch the next posh wave of luxurious with recent personal surf lessons at Hotel Le Toiny. 

Perched over Toiny Baym Resort Le Toiny gives rapid access to the Island’s most coveted surf break. With recent surfing lessons at Hotel Le Toiny, all guests will be capable to experience one of the finest waves in the Caribbean island with individual instruction from local expert surfer and St. Barth Native David Blanchard. 

St. Barth Is a house to passionate surf tradition which has proliferated on the destinations for years. Famous by locals, Hotel Le Toiny Bay is house to un-crowded top secret place that churns out steady waves year round. 

The windward south part facing break gives a varying mix of learner-friendly surf and challenging wind charged swells, proving endless ride for newcomers and skilled surfers all depending on the weather.The individual 1 hour surf lessons include 1 to 1 instruction by David, a St. Barth Native, expert surfer and one of the most important watermen on the island. 

David and his group of experienced local surfers, including Mathieu Granier, including will show Le Toiny respectable guests how to read the waves and wind to help build guests considerate of the sport and take their newfound abilities home with them. 

The surf break at here is fueled by a below water coral reef rich in marine life. The guests who book surf class with David – a range of St. Barth’s CRA (Coral Restoration Association) will also learn immediately about the ecosystem of the island and the history and preservation of its coral reefs. 

Surfers of entire levers were welcome to book individual surf instruction at here for a day of sun, surf and fun in the crystal clear water of Toiny Bay. One house surfing training are available at 100 USD each lesson for 1 to 2 people, or 77 USD person for a group of three. 


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