Custom Line Unveiled the Biggest Navetta Cruiser Ever

Eventually, the famous cruiser making company the “Custom Line” has rolled out the biggest ship model named Navetta 42. The model is the fruit of around two years of joining effort of the Ferrari Group’s Engineering Department & Studio Zuccon International Project. The flagship is made in the Italian model.

Specifications: The length of the ship is 41.8 meters, and the width is 8.1 meters. It also has a semi displacement hull with a bulbous bow. Not only these, but it also has the four decks furnished with suitable furniture for enjoying the ocean views.

The rooms are so much decorated with technical luxury equipment such as temperature and power controllers. The room has been made through a noise cancelation process. The rooms are bigger than the typical bedroom. There is an attached washroom with a bathtub.

The ship has 24 hours CCTV surveillance and the GPS coordinator system through the radar. The sliding windows of the balcony connect the bedroom to nature. There is a large community hall for dinner and lunch with all kinds of delicious foods. The bed is filled with all necessities such as television, music system, sofa cum bed, artificial aquarium, and magenta lighting. The floor is maple wood furnished, and the bed is shifted into larger.

At the top, the main cabin is present for the master controller. The sundeck is made at the top in a process, through which the sunlight comes, but the radiation does not come. In summary, the ship can run 3000 nautical miles on fuel.

The engines of the ship are 2 CAT C32 ACERT V12 of 1470 horse-power, 1623 horse-power. There are three pairs of engines to make it faster. There are two numbers of MTU 12V 2000 M86 Engines, two 12V 2000 M72 Engines and also another one 1469 horse-power engine. The maximum speed of the ship is 1016 knots per hour.

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