Nosh and Detox Your Way To A Slimmer Waist

Eventually, the NOSH is a company or startup, which provides diet meal, juice and detoxicate items to your home through e-commerce ordering. The founder of the company was Geeta and Sidhu- Rob.

In 2008, when their child was born, he suffered from food allergies and anaphylaxis in multiple ways. So he was admitted to hospital for treatment for 260 days. Sidhu worked for a lawyer, and he had to stop his work to take care of his son. He then focused on nutritious food, alternative therapies as treatment, balanced meals, and natural supplements. His aim was to help the other couple to make a healthy baby.

Through the natural therapies from head to toe, he cured eczema and other skin diseases. He reduced asthma by using natural therapies and primary allergies of a child.

On the other side, Geeta took the training as a master chef for cooking healthy and nutritional food as therapy or healing food. Thus, both of them saved many clients’ lives from allergies and skin diseases.

Furthermore, from the site, anyone can order nutritious food from breakfast to dinner at a small cost. The detox medicines are also available on their sites. The food and the liquid are full of nutritious things and essential for bodybuilding, healthy living and also be safe in a busy life.

Surely, if anyone tries to catch a slim figure, he or she must order a list of diet meals and follow the rules and regulations. That is sufficient to be healthy.

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