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O:Live Hotels Launches Its Hottest New Hotel in Puerto Rico

When you think of Puerto Rico, sophistication and glamorous is not a description that immediately that comes to mind. Beachy? Yes. 

The Condado Venue, Puerto Rico has quietly turned out to be one of the Caribbean Island’s capitals of cools in recent times, with a diverse but uniformly sophisticated resort offering and advance, urban power that is widely unique in the Islands. And now, the wife-husband that helped turn the place into the top venue is at it once again with a really beautiful new destination. 


Fernando Davila and Loisse Herger, who opened the stellar O: Live Boutique Resort back in 2012, have started their new 25 suite stunner: The O: Live 55. 

Just keep away from the actual O: Live, it is an incredibly designed, new developed place designed to make you feel the power of creative venues globally like London, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen Herger says. 

The 25 suites, most of which feature L formed oversized balconies with panoramic views of the destination, feature black-white stone floors, film noir art as well as sophisticated, forward-thinking aesthetic. 

Guests will be amazed by O: Live 55 stated Herger, the creator of O: Live Hotels. We love so much of the features, from the stunning 2 tired rooftop, the shape of the suites, the bespoke ebony and brass furnishings to the amazing artwork 0 resulting in the feel of staying at a designer’s house. 

It is a massive new addition to Puerto Rico’s rapid expanding hotel field – especially as the Island carry on its post-Maria Recovery. 

We take how this Puerto Rico is presented to the globe extremely seriously,” Herger says. “Following the current disaster with the Hurricane Maria, the opening of O: LV 55 has taken on a bigger part in our hearts; it represents pride, resiliency, new moves and the love for what we do here on the Caribbean Island” 

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