Relax, Restore and Renew With The Luxurious Aromatic Blend Of Olverum Bath Oil

Consequently, most people take bath oil before or after the bath. It moisturizes the skin and also takes nutrition like vitamins into the skin. The Olverum bath oil is famous for the quality of the liquid mixtures. 

The type of oil is best. The oil is not sticky. It is not obtained through a chemical process. The Aloe Vera, vitamins, COD liver oil and essence with moisturizer are present in the oil. The oil is so light that it can be absorbed by the skin very fast. 

Furthermore, it can be used for relieving stress through massaging in the spa. Olverum is an ideal solution for deep and penetrating messaging. The cool menthols create a mild cold on the body after messaging. By messaging from head to toe, one can get the full relaxation. It provides calmness and deep sleep.

The oil contains Verbena and Lavender, which keeps a healthy skin. Especially Taiwanese use oil as a regular base. The wild Rose essence makes the oil more beautiful and scented. The oil is available in the market in 250 ml of bottles. The cost of the bottle is 92 Euros, which is enough for 25 times of bath.

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