The World’s First Departure Lounge On The Beach Is Open In Barbados

One of the main downsides of traveling – aside from the inevitable Mosquito bites and jet lag (how can something so small to be so – so the time consuming spent waiting around in airports, that even when you factor in the duty free shopping spree, D – U – L – L. Particularly on the return tour, when walking via that safety gate formally means your vacation is over. UGH. 

Now enter Virgin holidays, who’ve turned things up as well as revolutionized airport waiting – with the planet’s first ever departure lounge on the beach. 

Yep, now forget CHOWING down on a semi-cold burger below the oh so unattractive glow of fluorescent lights or trying to receive comfortable on a seat with solid metal arms (why), just because the departure in the beach Barbados is about shipping a cocktail on sun lounger an earlier taking a final dip in the ocean, the entire while you wait for your flight. 

A tourist who looks for a venue in the beachside lounge will not just get a free shuttle from their resort, but also enjoy an admiring lunch, WIFI and complete service bar, (coffee, soft drinks and tea included). 

For all those who get a little hot, do not worry – there is an air-conditioned lounge too, featuring amazing showers and games console equipped children areas. Travelling has never sounded so relaxing. 

We can be assured of it too as we attend the official dinner and lunch of Virgin Holidays Departure Beach in Barbados, West Indies, alongside celebrities such as Pixie Lott, Maya Jama, and Lottie Moss. While Maya Jama was DJ’ING the complete of us were lapping up how amazing of a venue we were dancing. 

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