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Top 10 Richest Caribbean Celebrities

Music, Sports, Business – Caribbean seems to dominate all of these areas with un-matchable repute. Name anyone, they’ll trackback to the Caribbean somehow. It seems the land of Caribbean produces world-class talent, be it any entertainment industry. 

We are sharing some of the very well-known, not so known yet very richer personalities who come from the Caribbean, earning quite a respect for the island.
One is surely amazed to think – what does it take to create such famous talents; so here we go with our list: 

1. Ziggy Marley – Net Worth $10 Million – Jamaica 

Ziggy Marley – Net Worth $10 Million – Jamaica 

The musician and singer runs his own record company, Tuff Gong Worldwide, plus he leads the band ‘Ziggy Marley’ and ‘Melody Makers’. Debuted in 2003 and since then has released four more of his albums.

2. Jimmy Cliff – Net Worth $10 Million 

Jimmy Cliff – Net Worth $10 Million 

A musician by profession, Jimmy has earned quite an appreciation from the music industry for his hit singles like ‘Wonderful World, Beautiful People’, ‘Wild World’, ‘Reggae Night’ amongst many more. The talent Jimmy has is unique in every sense of innovation.
Music industry picks up people who pick up lines on the go, while going through a phase. Jimmy is that personality. 

3. Selita EBanks – Net Worth $12 million – Cayman Islands 

Selita EBanks – Net Worth $12 million – Cayman Islands 

Selita, the former Victoria’s Secret Model and actress, is not only talented but very suave and versatile. She carries her talent to various places. She modeled for Victoria’s secret, appeared on Television series, got featured for music videos. 

Not only that, she has showcased her intelligence for various well-known magazines like Sports Illustrated, Swimsuit Issue, the infamous Vogue and Glamour. She carries the look of that bond girl. Who knows. She is a good competitor to Halle Berry. The only thing missing with her is an Oscar. Who knows, one day she will be up for grabs. 

4. Sean Paul – Net worth $12 Million – Jamaica 

Sean Paul – Net worth $12 Million – Jamaica 

These musicians have intelligence running all over their mind, making them create chart-topping albums. Sean Paul has registered many chart-toppers, like ‘Tomahawk Technique’ in 2012, ‘Full Frequency’ in 2013. Both these were hit success. 

Explosive success comes with his sold out concerts which are mostly in Europe where he has a large number of fan following. Good luck to him for his stellar music records. We expect more records to be broken in coming years, only if he doesn’t find an addiction. 

5. Shaggy – Net Worth $14 Million – Jamaica 

Shaggy – Net Worth $14 Million – Jamaica 

The ‘Lova Lova’ fame, shot to success early in his career, he released eight albums. Out of these 8, 3 earned the platinum status and one was certified gold.The Caribbean is rich in talent, either raw or natural – the natural beauty is abundant, the people are creative. You will come across such many talented, hospitable people while you walk down to the beach or to the local hotel to enjoy a cup of hot brewed, double-shot coffee. 

6. Rohan Marley – Net Worth $20 Million – Jamaica 

Rohan Marley – Net Worth $20 Million – Jamaica 

Son of the legendary Bob Marley didn’t, interestingly, follow his father’s footsteps; but rather he earned his repute, fame, and riches from sports. Not only is he an athlete but an entrepreneur too. He was the line-back for the University of Miami. 

He has also ventured his own range of signature headphones, ‘House of Marley’, which are eco-friendly sets of headphones. His entrepreneurial streak venture into technology will bring him more endorsements and recognition.He diversifies, further, with the food industry – he launched his own coffee brand, Marley Coffee. Rohan Marley is intelligent to have selected niches which work well. There is no shortage of coffee lovers and coffee adventurers. Who knows, someday, we’ll be relishing his take of Marley Beef Burgers. 

7. Damian Marley – Net Worth $20 Million – Jamaica 

Damian Marley – Net Worth $20 Million – Jamaica 

A gold record holder in songwriting and music – Damian Marley has surprised all with his genuine music talent that has beaten contemporary style in music.He surprises us as he started at a very tender age of 13 – when children are busy playing in the fields, Damian’s mind was racing with musical tunes which paved his way to riches and fame that he has today. 

8. Nicki Minaj – Net Worth $85 Million – Trinidad 

Nicki Minaj – Net Worth $85 Million – Trinidad 

The woman who’s in the media, nearly every day, just for the wrong reasons, sometimes, is no ordinary rapper. She is recognized by Pepsi, one of the main sponsors. Plus she tours a lot with her rapping talent.

Hate her or love her, she is rich. But not as much as Lady Gaga, but Gaga doesn’t come from Trinidad and Tobago. Nicki Minaj’s rapping has a considerable fan following, who ensure a steady income stream for her.
Adding to that, she is heading her own clothing line, sponsored and featured by Kmart. 

Celebrities are not only spendthrifts but can also reach entrepreneurial excellence. With diversified interests, personalities Nicki Minaj really surprise many. One comes to think, they project a non-serious lifestyle, but in reality, they are much larger than life. 

9. Usain Bolt – Net Worth $90 Million – Jamaica 

Usain Bolt – Net Worth $90 Million – Jamaica 

Faster than the fastest bullet – Usain Bolt is the top 40th highest paid athlete in the world. His earnings are credited to media appearances, brand endorsements, sponsorship and much more. He charges a whopping $250,000 for meeting him on the track. 

Puma pays him $9 million for a year to endorse their brands. Plus he rakes up profits for record-breaking race timings from brands that get promoted on the track. Isn’t that an interesting affair, make the track your speedway and runway, and brands start chasing you. These Caribbean talented people have found their innermost passions from their skills and raw talent. 

10. Rihanna – Net Worth $600 Million – Barbados 

Rihanna – Net Worth $600 Million – Barbados 

She has crossed the $600 million mark and who doesn’t know her. Anybody who knows Cristiano Ronaldo, also knows Rihanna. Although there is no evident connection between the two but they both share worldwide fame. 

She has been topping the media charts for the past 14 years – she has appeared on shows, got sponsorships, featured in ads and magazines, worked in films, interviewed, photographed as the lead girl for many publications. She’s made profits from a variety of industries including music, fashion, and beauty. Rihanna has also signed major endorsement deals and appeared in some popular films. As of 2017, Rihanna’s shade-inclusive beauty line, Fenty Beauty, has become one of her most-known ventures. Launching in September of that year, many of the brand’s darker shades sold out within days of their release. 

She has come a long way to achieve such a stellar success. For one to excel, Rihanna is an inspiration, who climbed to success taking the longest route. 

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