Visit 5 Of The Greenest And Nature Friendly Caribbean Hotels

Caribbean Islands have a history; some of it rich, some of it historical, but some of it relates to colonialism which changed the outlook of these beautiful and attractive islands.

Colonialism brought with it the farming wave – the farming stretch took away the natural flora and fauna and pushed it back to insignificance. The lost appeal of the Caribbean took some time to restore but not fully. Post-colonial era found the Caribbean to spring back to life.

Leading tourism operators, hotel chains have now come up with the idea to present the original Caribbean look by investing in habitat restoration.

Today we cover the 5 greenest hotels to stay in the Caribbean which showcase the real Caribbean spirit in its true sense. Artificial imagery is fine enough for a while but not for a long time.

Belle Mont Farm – St Kitts
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Belle Mont Farm – St Kitts

Set in the most green spots of the Caribbean, covered and nestled in 400 acres of farmland, where every fresh and clean produce is presented to you in your boutique room. The luxury of your room is aligned with modern gadgets, so you don’t feel left out from the rest of the world. Enjoy the fresh produce every morning.

The hotel is not only lavish but is also very close to nature – giving you a rare chance to be fascinated with nature this close. Set in the most stunning surroundings, you will never want to leave this hotel ever. The air is unpolluted, the greenery ever blossoming. Just imagine waking up to such a scenery where you get to enjoy fresh morning fruits and vegetable salads as your breakfast. You’ll come back healthier, fresher and energetic on your way back.

Mount Cinnamon – Grenada
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Mount Cinnamon – Grenada

Ruled by peaceful and well settled greenery, with lots of space to explore yourself, Mount Cinnamon is your next destination. You’ll find yourself in between the serene long stretches of the white shores, and palm trees hanging and kissing the white sand beneath your feet. Mount Cinnamon is your gateway to paradise.

Just imagine, only the birds chirping while the waves break the silence and adding the tone of peace that touches your spirit, settling in your senses, pulling you back into purest and most-caring nature. The hotel and the local government have a strict environment protection act in place protecting the pristine and heavenly island.

The hotel follows the protection policy by offering locally produced ingredients used in the restaurants and dishes. SPA products are indigenous and natural. No foreign mixing or additives are allowed. The spa products are exclusively made from cinnamon and nutmeg scents.

Mount Cinnamon resort has a variety of accommodation possibilities – giving you to choose from poolside suites so you can enjoy the clear water pools, set in the backdrop of pine trees and gushing seashores in the fair distance.

You also have an option to rent out a luxurious private villa which comes with its sets of harmonious luxuries and privacy. You can set foot here and feel the embracing peace of feeling disconnected from the busy world. Away and far from the hustle and bustle of the cities, Mount Cinnamon is your next tucked-away destination for your holidays.

Rosalie Bay – Dominica
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Rosalie Bay – Dominica

You’ll never forget the time spent at Rosalie Bay, the National Geographic’s ‘Unique Lodges of the World’ awarded destination. The location is not only solar powered but was made by hand without any use of technology. Keeping everything natural from ground up, the resort is the best spot for nature, wildlife lovers and conservationists. Labeled as the most nature-centric resort in the Caribbean, it is marketed ‘eco-boutique and wellness resort’.

From every angle, the resort offers you many reasons to unwind and sit back. Surrounded by lush greenery around you, you never want to return to your normal life. The life at this island resort is so soothing, you’ll get absorbed into the surroundings, you’ll never want to come out of your zone, once comfortable.

The resort has another splendid yet remarkable feature it is known for – it works actively for the conservation of the turtle population, which has become an integral part of its culture. Turtle conservationists love to spend time with turtles, restoring the population. The resort supports the activity and gives its visitors a unique opportunity to spend time with the rare ecosystem.

With a 360 degree approach, the resort also offers you to rewind, unwind at one of the finest yoga centers. Treat yourself with all-natural cuisine, unlocking the health secrets while you recover and connect back with nature.

When you’re done with your day, before retreating to your well-settled sleep; make sure to head to the spa where natural volcanic mud, papaya and coconut-oil mixed ingredients await you to amaze you and prepare you for the next day.

There can be no better option than to book your stay at Rosalie Bay.

Kanopi House – Jamaica
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Kanopi House – Jamaica

Imagine yourself locked away in the middle of thick tropical forests where the rains greet you everyday, the water gushing from the local fountain mesmerizes the moment. The bird chirps and you close your eyes to breathe in freshest air on earth, which is cooler, aromatic and very refreshing that it enlightens your mind and senses.

This place is no less than paradise where your body meets your spirit. This is Kanopi House. A place where you get to adjust with the trees, as no trees were moved or felled. But rather, the canopies were built around the trees and sometimes the trees were included in a building construction. Such love of trees is visible at this all-natural Kanopi House.

From interiors to buildings and accessories, everything you touch and feel are locally made from natural products. The interiors boast of West Indian and Colonial combination.

The furnishings are carefully crafted by local craftsmen; moving the local economy. The baskets are made using the banana leaf. The wooden floors come from Spanish Elm and linens. So when you’re there, you’re in the most conservative and low-impact luxury spot in the world.

Untouched by commercialism, you have a lifetime opportunity to unfurl in the embrace of purest and cleanest nature. Everything you see around is crafted on the island. No foreign intervention is allowed. This is what makes the island attractive and dwell-able. One more element the island is so profoundly fond of and known for is their grey water systems – that is made using the lined reed bed.

Coming to the Jamaican cuisine; it is prepared using the best ingredients produced locally at Kanopi’s mountain garden. The celebrated chef also loves vegetarian food. From everything local and organic and natural, you are left just to absorb the tranquility, the brush of the misty breeze, the gushing of the sea by the seashores, the whistling of the pine and palm trees. What more could be paradise for you.

Fond Doux – St. Lucia
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Fond Doux – St. Lucia

Ever loved the bite of pure chocolate? Now you get the rarest opportunity, where you can process cocoa from drying up the beans to processing, grinding, mixing and packing of the cocoa. The process is feverishly followed at the nature-conserved resort of Fond Doux, which is nestled amidst the cocoa farms.

Being a farmer is a delight at this place, which is a 250 year old nature retreat which remains untouched and un-demolished. Offering locally constructed, hand-finished 15 unique and luxury cottages, where you would live within nature’s well preserved secret, this is your zone of peace and Zen. Special thing about Fond Doux, you have many natural spots of nature’s trails covered by odd 30 species of fruits and exotic birds. You’ll be excited every now and then when you walk through these tropical forests deeper near nature.

While you fall in love with nature, find yourself getting addicted to cocoa. The interesting pastime activity which allows you to master the art of making cocoa into coffee, you’ll love every part of its process. While you learn the trade, you’ll feel boosted as cocoa is an energetic agent that helps you stay alert and awake.

The resort has turned around the fate of the dying industry of cocoa. The resort is officially certified as Number 2 plantation resort by the Guardian newspaper.

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