Want The Best Sand Free Beach Towel and Perfect Beach Day? Try The Tesalate

Try the Tesalate, an Australian towel making brand, which has a worldwide business of polyester and semi-polyester clothes. It has huge demand in 130 countries with over 500000 customers. This year it has rolled out a kind of towel which is very useful on the seaside and full of features.

There is a sticky problem of the sea in the seaside or beach. The sea comes from sea waves and also through the air. It is very irritating to carry sand. The cloth technology of the towel helps one to get the sand free while he/she is on the beach.


Surely, not only do they have these, the towel has ultra absorbent water while taking a bath. On the other side there is softness though the Sun shines brightly. It is so compactable and cartable that it can be packed at the small side of baggage and also it is very light to carry.

 The colour of the towel is very magnetic. It is completely designed in Australia. The dimensions of the towel are 63*63 inches. It is ideal for power napping over it and also sunbathing on the beach. It can be worn over a swimsuit and also can be used as a small shelter if the sun is bright. Moreover, it is an ideal cloth if you are in the sea.

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