Wellness Unplugged In the Caribbean

Avoid the wellness gatherings in Bali and prefer for sun salutes on white sands of amazing Caribbean Island instead; these four isles can more than deliver. Already identical with good vibes, laid-back lifestyles and barefoot lavishness, the Caribbean can come an extensive way in terms of smooth cuisine and holistic activities, full with a range of luxury wellness hotels to the spa, sip, soak and sleep.

Here are 4 Caribbean islands that we see as up and coming wellness venues.

1 St. Lucia

St. Lucia

This exceptional isle has been rising on the wellness radar for a while, and for a great person. As-well-as limitless Pilates and Yoga, you will have the over 2600 ft Gros Piton hill at your feet for a calorie-busting climb that finishes in charming views. Be certain to make the most of the volcanic island’s indigenous healing properties such as turmeric volcanic Sulphur and ginger in your spa and smoothies days.

2 Aruba


The 2nd biggest of the Dutch ABC Island, outside of the area’s hurricane belt, Aruba could not be a greater option if you are looking for a sunny holiday with long beaches and complete service resorts. The ARIKON National Park, comprising eighteen percent of the Aruba Island, is a hidden treasure – cacti-filled land well worth exploring.

3 Mustique


Just a few miles long and half a mile long, the individually owned island is just as small as its unique; that’s why it has drawn the best clientele in search of real retreat. Perfect beaches ringed by clean water set the tone for a stunning holistic experience, but you can bed down in the Cotton Home and their wellness center will keep your body and mind in tune with yoga and individual training sessions.

4 Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos

Far and a bit away one of the finest picks for rapid escape, this British overseas Territory checks most every container, from individual spa retreats to miles of crystal clear water and empty beaches. Turks and Caicos consist of forty islands, but it remains hard to go wrong here. Providenciales has a few of the planet’s most remarkable white sand beaches, especially near Grace Bay on the north side.

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