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Zipping Through Mexico On An All You Can Drink Tequila Ride

Mexico is famous for its fine Tequila and the tropical nation is now set to lure you into a visit with an allfresh high! Confused much? Well, we are discussing about the Tequila Herradua express a train that serves you tequila while making you traverse the lengths on the nation in style! 

The train, with its air of old school beauty and wood-panel walls, is decks out to look actually nothing like Northern Rail – image the opposite of East Midlands trains and this is it. 

Before all you tequila fans begin exclaiming. “No way, Jose!” the day does involve more than shots. It is more of a sipping type of occasion, actually. 

It is almost like tequila was a refined tipple long before clubs begun selling it for 69p (lol), served up with a dash of salt from a sticky shaker and a lemon slice which has been sitting out on the bar, fingered by other shot-takers, since doors at 10pm. 


The express, first-class and premium plus price point all contain a round trip ride, an open bar, a professional tasting, a trip of the Jose Cuervo Distillery and Mexican cultural show. 

The distillery, La Rojena, is one of the oldest in South and North America gathered, and has been producing the tequila firms artisanal liquor for over 250 years.While visitors will have a chance to trip the facility to observer the agave process and stroll via the barrel-stacked hall, there are lots of other appeals, like Plaza Juan Soriano and Margarita Bar. 

Tequila is one of those drinks popular for its nasty habit of making people a bit angry, so gathered with a train, this shit could turn extremely Agatha Christie Murder on the Orient Express between Tequila and Guadalajara, Mexico, where the train makes its round tour. 


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