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8 Best and Most Amazing Dive Sites in the Bahamas

The Bahamas are a famous island chain in the Atlantic Ocean, placed to the southeast of the United States. Visitors from all over the planet visit in order to enjoy the clear hot water, tropical weather, and friendly locals.There is an extra bonus to scuba diving in the Bahamas. If you are wiped out afterwards, you can forever relax in the sand of a tropical beach. It truly does not get much amazing than that. 

Current Cut, North Eleuthera Island 

Current cut is placed between the North Eluthera and Current Island and is generally referred to as the Bahamas Best Drift. Travelers make their way here to discover the top marine atmosphere and Bahamian reefs while being washed by river-like currents created as an outcome of tidal changes. 

Tiger Beach, Grand Bahama 

The Grand Bahama Island is not just one of the scuba diving places in the Bahamas – it is one of the top in the world. 

Victory Reef, Bimini 

The Gulf stream dish up as a highway for hammerhead sharks, mainly sfrom October to mid-March. You will find these charming sea creatures in the underwater atmosphere between South and North Bimini islands during this period as this their pit shop. 

The Crater, Andros 

All the Bahamas out Islands boasts rich natural attractions, but Andros Island might be the king when it comes to excellent natural experiences. It is a best location for laid-back beach getaway, honeymoon or wedding, eco travellers, bird watches, kayakers, snorkellers, hikers, fisherman and drivers. 

The Washing Machine, Exuma Cays 

With 350 cays, the Exumas is one of the most charming groups of Islands in the Bahamas. A big attraction in the Bahamas, the Sea Parka and the National Trust is a preserve that attracts drivers to its amazing reefs and sea gardens. 

Columbus Point, Cat Island 

This is a point and is southeast of Port Howe and Bailey Town. Columbus point has an elevation of three metres, and is closely by Guana Cay and Winding Bay. 

French Bay Wall, San Salvador Island 

San Salvador Bahamas is famous for its wall diving. The riding rock dive resorted begun it all in the 1970’s as a premier dive place and is still there today as well as Club Med diving. 

Fowl, Sandy and Pelican Cay, Abaco 

This park covers a little but biologically top stretch of coral reef, rocky shore, and sea-grass bed and sandy bottom habitat that historically has been used for diving, recreation, and non-commercial fishing. 

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