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Surfing is a riding that sea wave right to the shore.. The awesome thing about trying to catch that prefect wave in the Caribbean, is that the Caribbean truly has a different wave for everyone from the beginners, experts or the pleasure seekers awaiting that romantic sunset glide with mother nature.

Each island offers its own gentle beach breaks for the novice, and barrel reef breaks for the more experienced surfer. The Caribbean is not like Hawaii, with big daily enormous swells, but come closely with Puerto Rico’s north coast, with swells that can range as high as 20ft, due to cold-weather fronts moving along the eastern seaboard of the United States .

The prime time for surfing in the Caribbean is from November to April, where each island produces great championship swells, which is usually when the visitors come calling. Each Caribbean Island has its own Break and surf spots, with some being off track, point breaks, rock bottoms, and some spots still awaiting to be explored.

There are five best surfing places in the Caribbean, perfect barrelling right hand reef break 



Puerto Rican beaches are famous for surfing. The 1968 world surfing championship was celebrated here. The ideal time for surfing in the summer. In this time, many people come here for surf learning and compete with each other. The northern site (The Aguadilla) and the western site (The Rincon) are famous for surfing purposes. Not only for the surfing, but also the place is a famous picnic spot for the families. 

Some of the region’s biggest waves can be found at places like Tres Palmas, Table Rock and Gas Chambers. Winter swells are where Puerto Rico earned its name as the North Shore of the Atlantic. Treacherous barrels over shallow reefs and seriously strong currents and rip tides are more common



The beach is also famous for surfing. Here Josiah’s bay is situated. The northern side of the Tortola is renowned for surfing, picnic spot and also healthy tourist place. From November-March, there are considerable crowds to centre the beach. Anegada is the most remote of the inhabited British Virgin Islands, and is a great spot for more experienced surfers to catch a break. It’s a long right that bowls up at the tip of the world’s fourth largest continuous reef.



It is the highest rated Caribbean Sea, especially famous for its sea waves. Here one can learn surfing because there are so many professional surfers in the sea. Here is the small village the Bathsheba, which is famous for its natural beauty. There are also many motels and surfing equipment shops in the village. 

Surfing at Bathsheba can be absolutely perfect, with a world-class challenge in the awesome power of the swell. Barbados produces a yearly surfing championship “Soup Bowl, which is held at Bathsheba on Barbados’s east coast.  Bathsheba, which is the most surfed spot on the island, with its steep offshore slops, is fuelled by the Atlantic swells pouncing off the rocky reefs.



It is a gorgeous coral island famous for its crystal clear water for surfing. From the September-march there is a huge crowd of visitors. One can get here not only surfing but also can get the joy of fishing, camping and even a log fire. There one can get the cool and mind pleasant wind flow coming from the northern side. 

Punta Rocas, Indicas, Surfer’s Beach (Gregory Town), Garbanzo and Willawah’s are the best surf spots in Bahamas and It holds 5% of the world’s reef mass. The Islands of Eleuthera offers some of the most consistent and powerful surf in the Bahamas. Point breaks, reef breaks and beach breaks.



Thanks to consistent, high-quality waves and a variety of breaks, Costa Rica has been one of the world’s top surfing destinations for decades. You’ll find waves for all surfers here, from pro level to beginner-friendly. Puerto Viejo also known as Salsa Brava, is home to some of Costa Rica’s biggest waves. A coral reef off the coast produces Hawaiian-style breaks that often carry over 20 surfers at a time

Here one can get the joy of surfing through 365 days. From the May- November the sea waves are high and faster. The Santa Teresa sea beach is famous for surfing. It is notable that, the beginner can go to the EI Carmen beach to get the small waves and also a low tidal force. 

Therefore, for the above reasons, one should not miss the tastes of surfing in those Caribbean seas. 

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