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The Best Places to Watch a Sunset in Jamaica

Mountains, beaches, craggy coastlines and jungles. Jamaica is an island country unlike any other, from its food to music to its pulsing nightlife. Jamaica crystalline waters and dramatic topography make it one of the most charming islands on the planet, but with its tropical climate, Jamaica has some of the most desirable weather, too. Hot almost constantly with daytime temperature changing between 77 and 82 degrees, Jamaica is perfect for place for fun, but when the day at the beach is over, it is time for one of Jamaica most amazing sights; the sunset. 


Best places to watch sunset in Jamaica 

1 Strawberry Hill 

Strawberry Hill 

This place offers one of the most wonderful views of Kingston, across the plains, over the harbour and all way to the airport, with bar, hotel and restaurant, is a best place to enjoy the glow of a golden sunset over Jamaica grittiest, busiest city. 

2 The Cliff Hotel 

The Cliff Hotel 

The cliff hotel is a modern, charming and boutique hotel with wonderful ocean views. You can enjoy watching the sunset form the reef patio adjacent to the hotels famous Zest restaurant. This intimate hotel provides solitude and quiet, an escape from the crowds and a moment to enjoy natures evening show. 

3 Rockhouse Hotel 

Rockhouse Hotel 

The pure cove cliffs in Negril is where you will find the Rockhouse Hotel. A happy yet distinguished sense of deluxe awaits at what has been cited as the Caribbean leading hotel and boutique by the World Travel Awards. 

4 Rick’s Cafe 

Rick’s Cafe 

This world famous place, which started out as a sleepy bar in 1974, has been destroyed by more than one hurricane and just keeps returning with amazing ways to end a fun filled day sipping a signature Jamaican drink why enjoying the sky catch fire. 

5 Ivan’s Restaurant and Bar 

Ivan’s Restaurant and Bar 

Ivan’s Restaurant and Bar has been sworn upon by domestics and visitors for having both best service and food for sunset and dinner. This is a family-friendly restaurant provide nightly music and supreme views of the coast. 

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