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Vie Gourmet Mini Thai Coconut Bowls Made From 100% Natural And Real Coconuts

Certainly, serving food & eating them from a natural food source is always recommended by doctors. With this on the mind, handcrafted Mini Thai Coconut Bowls by Gourmet provide you the chance to feel the nature inside your home. The bowls are beautifully handcrafted from recycled Thai coconut shells. These elegant gourmet coconut bowls are truly natural & 100% unique because there (bowls) not same like one another! 

Eventually, they have dimpling & pattern variations & indistinctly different in color, which will add extraordinary charm in the bowls nature. They are also durable & lightweight. The bowls & spoons are cut, cleaned & sanded, & then polished with natural coconut oil. The process ensures to keep the elementary shape of a legitimate coconut bowl. The bowls are perfect for serving any food, whether that’s hot or cold & an ideal part to any meal. It can fit with any occasion or enhancements the style. 


Furthermore, they are handmade from 100% natural coconuts, so that the coconut bowls are naturally long-lasting, these coconut bowls can last for longer than you think. The eco-friendliness is the plus point, thus you are free from the trash generating responsibility from your old bowls. 

These Mini Thai Coconut Bowls are the absolute classic gift for anyone you love or for yourself. You can buy the bowls for just $13.96 for a set of 6 bowls that are complemented with 6 spoons too, from online. 

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