Want To Bike On The Waters Of The Caribbean

As a matter of fact, we all know that bike riding is famous all over the world for an extended tour purpose. But is it possible to ride a bike on Water? Yes! Now it is entirely possible. If you are travelling in St. Lucia’s Sugar Beach, you can get experience of bike riding on the sea. According to the reports, it is the first sea bike riding beach in the world.


Accordingly, to the new technologies, a new S1 bike is bought by the authority through Schiller sports. The bike is run by human effort or powerful battery in the sea waves. The inventor of the bike is Judah Schiller. He was the first person, who travelled to San Francisco through the Hudson River by riding this bike.

According to bike technology, the bike is very light in weight. It is made of the costly, corrosion less Titanium metal. The cycle is floating by supporting two balloon truss sections. It can be operated manually by pedal and also battery operated.


The Viceroy Resort, which is on the bay of the Sugar Beach, offers this type of sea bike to the visitors of riding. The Americans used the bikes for morning exercise purposes. There is another good news for visitors that after working out into the sea there is a spa for all, always offering a stress relief massage.

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