5 Beaches In Barbados We Absolutely Love

What makes a beach rank among the greatest? Worthy beauty for sure, but also – all depending on the mindset – privacy, accessibility, shade, swimmable water, seclusion, the excellence of the sand and potential for fun. Incurable beachcombers that we’re here took entire these issues into consideration while revisiting our most unforgettable Caribbean sun and sand experiences. This is our list of five most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, all with scores (ten being best) for the things we consider the most.

1 Miami Beach

Miami Beach

This amazing beach is a favorite for both overseas locals and travelers, it’s in the middle of the southern beaches and also known as Enterprise Beach. There’re loungers, umbrellas for rent so you can enjoy and relax in the sun. The  finest place for adults is at the west end of the beach. You do not have to move to get snacks; sellers walk up, down selling delicious flying fish sandwiches.

2 Accra Beach

Accra Beach

This beach goes by two names, Rockley and Accra and is among the largest stretches of sand of the destination, hence its fame. Sellers roam the sand in remarkable numbers, selling all from clothing to local items. The waves are great, without any undertow – so it’s a fine to place for a number of beach and sports. Try sailing, snorkeling, windsurfing or bodysurfing if you’re feeling energetic.

3 Folkestone Beach

Folkestone Beach

The beautiful beach not only provides a remarkable place to relax, but there are also water sports to enjoy as-well -as a marine museum. It’s in the Folkestone Marine Park that was made around an artificial reef made by an offshore shipwreck.

4 Mullins Bay

Mullins Bay

Mullins is one of the most beautiful Bay and a stunning beach. It is a great place to lie back, relax and take in the sun’s rays. The beach bar serves cold drinks and simple meals, with clients varying from sun worshippers to those who enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and jet skinning.

5 Bottom Bay

Bottom Bay

This stunning pink and under high cliffs is sheltered, but there’s an undertow in the sea so it’s not perfect for swimming. Clean waters look inviting but take care, make do with elegant setting with its palm-fringed shoreline.

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