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Rihanna’s Unique Spirit Blends With Chopard

Accordingly, to the fashion histories, we can see the dresses, but the jewelry is the highest rated by the customers at the time of purchase. In the case of a fashion show, the people are quick to notice the model’s wearing designer’s craftsmanship as dresses, shoes, and jewelry, while  walking on the red carpet for display. 

In this way, the famous Swiss luxury jewelry company, the Chopard has rolled out a jewelry line in the fame of the famous international pop superstar Rihanna. 


The jewelry collection is made to portray the company’s distinct look that revolves around sensual floral motifs set with diamonds and gemstones, as well as clean lines and geometric shapes. The jewelry collection consist of ornaments that are also suitable for bold photography while maintaining that world well-known classic glamour with whimsical appeal, but with modern choices

The designer of the company, Caroline Scheufele has designed so many varieties in the rolled out jewelry! There are the Bracelets, Bangles, Earrings, and Rings, which are the limited edition for a time. The jewelry is shown in a commercial advertisement by Rihanna herself through her bold modeling. 

The shapes of the ornaments are minimum in size and also sharp in a geometrical shape. The products also have strong strength capacity, according to the designer. The attractive colours like the jungle green are chosen by the pop singer herself, which is inspired by the singer’s home island of Barbados and includes colors indicative of the gardens and foliage there, as well as of the vibrant spirit of her festive Carnival heritage.

There is another beautiful colour of Rose gold, which is fitted with a diamond to make it more precious and also beautiful on the body of a model. In the 20th anniversary of the Chopard, the products are rolled out and announced by the pop singer and the designers during the festival. 

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