The Best Eye Makeup Removers Money Can Buy

by Lisa Yarde

It is widely acknowledged that the process of removing makeup is often perceived as less enjoyable than its application. However, the utilization of high-quality eye makeup removers can significantly alleviate the tedium associated with this task. Although a typical cleanser can effectively remove dead skin cells and heavy foundations, it may encounter difficulties when attempting to eliminate waterproof mascaras and smudge-proof eyeliners. Instead of using harsh techniques such as rubbing, tugging, or pulling on the fragile skin surrounding the eyes, it is advisable to incorporate an appropriate makeup remover into your daily nighttime regimen. This will significantly reduce discomfort and distress associated with the process.

As discovering an effective solution to remove stubborn pigmentation and sooty shadows can be a challenging task, we have compiled a list of the foremost products that accomplish this objective. Below, discover a comprehensive selection of eye makeup removers, encompassing balms, oils, and pre-moistened pads, catering to diverse skin types and budgets. Although we cannot guarantee that the act of removing makeup will become an enjoyable experience, the following selections are likely to alleviate the burden associated with this task.

1Vichy VICHY Pureté Thermale Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover, 100ml

This bi-phase eye makeup remover is non-greasy and has the ability to dissolve waterproof formulas without causing any irritation.

2Glossier Milky Oil, 100ml

The aforementioned cleanser, which is non-oily in nature, effectively eliminates makeup within a matter of seconds while simultaneously conditioning both lashes and lids. The sensation is characterized by its gentle and calming nature. The product is devoid of any fragrance or colorant.

3Bioderma Sensibio Cleansing Micellar Water Sensitive Skin, 250ml

This product has been formulated with the intention of catering to individuals with sensitive skin, and it has demonstrated efficacy in the removal of facial dirt and makeup.

4Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover, 125ml

This product is designed to effectively remove heavy or water-resistant makeup. The bi-phase lotion is designed to effectively eliminate all remnants of eye makeup, including those that are resistant to wear and water. Its action is immediate upon application.

5Laura Mercier Soothing Eye Makeup Remover 100ml

The present formulation is a bi-phase emulsion that integrates a water-based cleansing agent with mild yet efficacious oils, which expeditiously and proficiently eliminates eye makeup, encompassing waterproof eye makeup.

6Garnier Garnier 2in1 Eye Make-up Remover 125ml

This product effectively removes waterproof make-up in gentle manner, without causing any discomfort such as over-drying or tightness, even after repeated use. The lashes are safeguarded and nurtured with naturally-sourced arginine, resulting in refined and purified ocular region.

7Origins Well Off Fast and Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover, 150ml

This gentle cleanser effectively eliminates all residual makeup from the periorbital area, while also providing nourishing and soothing benefits.


8Perricone MD No Makeup Easy Rinse Makeup-Removing Cleanser 59ml

This product is a mild gel-based cleanser that effectively eliminates makeup and dirt while preserving the skin’s natural oils. A singular uncomplicated measure results in the sensation of supple skin and a noticeable revitalization.

9Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser

Slaai™ Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser is composed of fruit extracts and oils that are rich in antioxidants, which aid in soothing the skin. Additionally, it contains a nourishing blend of African oils that cleanses and moisturizes the skin without causing any irritation or sensitivity.

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