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Want To Try Dominican Cool And Refreshing Winter Cocktails?

Candela Mamajuana – To rejoice the return of winter season, first ever ready to drink finest spiced rum sphere drink from the people of Dominican Republic – sharing five rum processes to keep you toasty complete season.

Can you control the heat? To, make this mix three oz of Candela Mamajuana with two oz very fresh lemon juice and one oz jalepeño-infused syrup. There is no method to warm you up than with a c kick.

Called after a famous resort town in the Dominican Republic, a Punta Cana is an amazing tropical resort escape in glass (AKA rightly what we need to obtain us via fall!) Mix two oz Candela Mamajuana with two oz passion fruit juice and one oz fresh Lemmon juice then serve.

Ready for a few adult La Croix? Mix tow oz Candela Mamajuana with two oz of prosecco and two oz a citrus liqueur (Yuzu Liqueur). This bubbly treat provides you a small taste of summer when you are snuggled up in your fall swatters!

Update this pure classic drink for fall by substituting run in its palace of bourbon, whiskey or rye, Muddle one sugar cube and two dashed bitters add two Candela Mamajuana ice, as well as an orange twist on the side.

With fall inexorably comes office tiredness, in its place of downing Vitamin C, secure yourself with Kombucha. Mix three oz kombucha with three oz Candela Mamajuana for a cold cure you will actually wish to drink.

The Candela Mamajuana is the first ever ready to drink Mamajuana sold in America, all based on a secret Dominican family method, the Mamajuana elements are infused with pure premium aged rum as well as sweetened with natural honey.

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