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3 Of The Most Unforgettable Cultural Festivals Of The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a world-renowned place not just because of its amazing nature. The nation is kept alive by the vibrancy of its dance, music, cuisine, celebration and fervor of life. The archipelago welcomes millions of visitors from every corner of the earth year over year, yet continues to closely preserve its one-of-a-type culture. Visitors staying at Resorts World Bimini have the special experience of immersing themselves within the passion of the island, and experiencing the special staples of Bahamian culture that are the planet. 

3 Unforgettable Cultural Festivals of the Bahamas 


Eleuthera: Pineapple Fest
The weekend of Gregory town is packed with pineapple-themed activities. All these contain of “Pineapple Man” cooking contest, sprint triathlon, also the pineapple eating contest, and the most popular plaiting of the pineapple pole. Many pineapple-infused drinks and foods are part of this festival season. This amazing fruit and rich culinary legacy of the island, any person can be made fan of easily.

Cat Island: Scrape and Rake Festival
This festival main theme is special music and historic genre called as rake n scrape. Different practices like the hitting, bending, and scraping of the saws teeth with an old knife blade is been practiced. And so it is rightly known as the African heritage musical festival. Performing bands generally contain a concertina, saxophone, guitar to the mix. This practice is general these days.

Andros: Crab Festival
Crabs is the title bestowed upon this location, which hosts a food festival honouring its historical industry matched to crab, featuring the sea animal crab. Every year the second weekend in the month of June, activities like rake n scrape galore and cultural demonstrations are been organized. Highlights are mainly dishes like crab n dough, crab soup, and crab n rice.

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