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4 Florida Spirits You Should Be Using in Cocktail Recipes

Consequently, any Cocktail is a famous drink for alcoholic persons. Florida is well known for manufacturing homemade or crafted breweries for the last few years. The specialties of the crafted alcohol are premium quality and made of organic items as fruits and vegetables for fewer side effects and also for unique tastes.

MANIFEST DISTILLING POTATO VODKA: – This vodka is made of high quality of potatoes those are cultivated in the villages and conserved with a proper manner as premium in qualities. In 2016, the Manifest Distilling was first started in Florida with the hands of Jacksonville. The fermentation and cleaning and also bottling of vodkas are being done in the 900 square foot of workshop in the capital and then it is sent to market for sale.

ST. AUGUSTINE DISTILLERY NEW WORLD GIN: – It was started in the St. Augustine Distillery in 1907. Here, the company also produces world-class gin, rum that is completely pot distilled. The quality of the gin is smooth it tastes. Moreover, every ingredient is mixed and fermented properly for a different taste from all gins.

PALM RIDGE RESERVE WHISKEY: – this premium whiskey is manufactured in the Palm Ridge Reserve Distillery from 1908. It is mixed with the sweet taste of corn and low spirit for less irritation in the throat. Moreover, the wood chips are mixed for a sweet fragrance from the orange trees of Florida.

PAPA’S PILAR DARK RUM: – This high quality blended rum is started its journey from 2013 from Papa’s Pillar. The rum is dark in color and also concentrated in the test. One can see heaven through one peg of this rum that is totally blended in the organic process. For these reasons, one must test these blended drinks in Florida

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