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Colorful White Wine Spritzer Combos

Okay, Summer is just around the corner. That means long days and serious sun rays. But not to worry — these white wine spritzer combos are here to help.  

White Wine Spritzer-HelloFresh-Recipes

These vibrant white wine spritzer combos are seriously perfect — they’re pretty (drinks and décor, check) and they’re a cinch to make. Seriously. If you think bartending is too complicated, think again. Each one requires just three simple steps:

1. Add your favorite fruit combos to a cocktail/wine glass or mason jar.

2. Fill ¾ of your glass with chilled white wine.

3. Top with club soda and enjoy.

Really. That’s it. Our fave fruit medleys are below but feel free to experiment with your own formula, for fun’s sake!

1. Strawberry Watermelon White Wine Spritzer

White Wine Spritzer-HelloFresh-Strawberry-Watermelon

Fruit mix: strawberry, watermelon, mint

2. Citrus Mango White Wine Spritzer

White Wine Spritzer-HelloFresh-citrus-orange-lemon-mango

Fruit mix: orange, mango, lemon

3. Kiwi Lime White Wine Spritzer

White Wine Spritzer-HelloFresh-Kiwi-Mint-Lime

Fruit mix: kiwi, lime, mint

4. Blueberry Blackberry White Wine Spritzer

White Wine Spritzer-HelloFresh-Lemon-Blueberry-Blackberry

Fruit mix: blueberry, blackberry, lemon

Prefer to take the big-batch route? These wine cocktail recipes are pitcher-perfect.

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