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Fall In Love With The Caribbean’s Most Laid Back Island Of Nevis


Nevis (pronounced Nee-vis), is a treasure island which has got the attention of the celebrated icons like Michael Douglas, Justin Trudeau of Canada.

What attracts people to this isolated, well-kept secret Island of Nevis? The reasons, we answer, are plentiful. Firstly, there are no street lights. Yes, the island is tucked away from the accelerated pace of technological life.

The island draws its energy from it’s untouched serenity it has preserved for so many centuries. Famed to be the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States; this place has a lot to offer, if you prefer the fusion of mountains, beaches, sandy palm trees, sea-kissed breezes, the warm sunsets, the local traditional shops and a lot of walking and strolling opportunities.

The 36-square mile island is situated near the north of West Indies, it boasts of very silent but blissfully empty beaches where tourists find ample time to either read, sunbathe or gaze at the open skies meeting the empty crystal clear oceans.

The island is away from all the development loudness – no street light, no airport, no starbucks, no naval anchorage. This is some of the rarest, disconnected virgin vacationing spot you’ll love to unwind and discover yourself, all over again.

Interestingly, the green Vervet monkeys outnumber the locals in this secluded town island. There are many sights to wander off for – forests, plantations, the volcano, the trek to the volcano, the clouds kissing the volcano.That is from the wild side. If you climb down, you have plentiful to enjoy in privacy and sheer quietness.

So how do you get there – getting to Nevis is easy. Being in the northern part of West Indies, it’s only a quite water taxi ride from St. Kitts. The well-kept secret of Nevis features the untouched geographical wonders, which makes it undeniably a spectacular, secluded spot on earth.

The perfect place to unwind, rewind and unfurl your senses and body. Nevis gives you the best beaches and sunny skies for you to enjoy unpolluted pure fresh sunshine. What makes it more attractive its laid-back attitude of the people of Nevis, which is even unusual for Caribbean people who are famous to be laid back.

Best thing is, which keeps its beauty untouched and non-commercial is the fact, the government has itself made itself clear that it does not promote the island on commercial lines, which keeps the island’s virgin beauty a secret to revel in.

How great it is to be at a place where nature does not carry a price tag. All the good things in life,