Ghurka The Secretly Leather Duffel Bag For The Everyday Traveler

Duffel bags are commonly considered as the workhorses of the carry world. Long lasting, versatile gear haulers with grab-and-go portability to get you and your gear on the go. Take a brief look at the background of the duffel bag and you’ll see this credibility is not without value. From the arduous gear demands of WWII to the surfer subcultures of the 1960s, you’ll find this hard-working bag in one type or another, silently getting on with the task.

The duffle bag’s background traces to the Belgian city of Duffel, where weavers manufactured a difficult canvas cloth that came to be synonymous with the standard-issue cylindrical bags lugged around by soldiers. The bag is defined by its cylindrical form and also carrying straps.

The name ‘duffel’ comes from the 17th century and a Belgian community called Duffel, where the original duffel bag material was made. The duffel became specifically extensive throughout WWII, provided to numerous army as well as navy personnel as a basic and long-lasting means of delivering their gear and also army materials. Generally crafted from canvas and also featuring a round design, duffel bags were occasionally additionally referred to as kit bags (coming from carrying military kit), sea bags or ditty bags. Adhering to WWII, numerous duffels became conveniently offered through resources such as army surplus shops, urging their spread out through civilian carry rounds.

The Ghurka duffel bag was popular in American and Australian surfer subcultures until around the mid-1960s, and in a previous couple of decades have played their very own role in shaping this modest hauler, both from a fashion and also functionality point of view.

When it has to do with trendy travel bags, a quality Ghurka natural leather duffle bag ranks right up on top. Big enough for a weekend vacation, but small enough to qualify as a plane carry-on, it’s a very functional choice regardless of what sort of traveler you are.

Ghurka natural leather is never pretreated to get rid of any flaws, they begin by using one of the most normally remarkable hides offered. While it is utilized by a variety of leather types based upon which is an ideal fit to a particular item, most Ghurka bags are made from French calfskin. Calfskin has a better grain as well as softer feeling compared to traditional cowhide as the younger age of the pet brings less exposure to the extreme aspects, the primary reason for the flaw.

French calfskin, in particular, is known for being the finest in the world due to the fact that farms in France do not make use of barbed cable, one of the leading causes of scratches and mars. As no two skins are entirely alike, every single handcrafted natural leather Ghurka product will have a private personality that includes in its one-of-a-kind aging as it ages.

Ghurka uses the very best duffel bags for the travelers most of us desire to be: adventurous, adventurous, stylish, ingenious. The versatile mid-size duffel bag functions with a fold-end layout that is available to enable added room and simplicity of packaging.


Ghurka leather duffle bag is extremely fashionable; very roomy and also could fit greater than you believe (see below, additionally); tackles a stunning patina as it ages; will certainly last for years if the leather is high-quality and looked after properly.


Not something you want to obtain in the rainfall; very easy to overpack and also could get very heavy in the hand and on the shoulder; scratches are inevitable.

There’s a certain trendy allure to a natural Ghurka leather duffle bag. It’s a grown-up upgrade to a canvas one ((not that a canvas duffle cannot be exceptionally elegant) and as well as has a guaranteed feeling of arrival (travel pun meant).

Perfect For: Weekend trips, flight when you want a more fashionable carry-on compared to a rolling one; individuals that want to load only just what they need.


Ghurka Duffle bags are widely enjoyed, many thanks to their total convenience. In spite of the appeal of travel luggage and also travel suitcases, Ghurka duffle bags remain a favored choice for travelers. This is due to the fact that also if you haven’t boarded a plane in years, you could still put a travel duffle to utilize. Trips to the fitness center, office, or grandmas require something long lasting to carry your belongings. The arrival of the moving Ghurka duffle bag has made sporting your favorite design bag also less complex. If you’re utilized to the kind of laid-back packing that duffle bags need to provide, you don’t need to sacrifice that just because you are carrying a much heavier load, or are limited about what you can lift. A rolling Ghurka duffle bag is a suitable choice for airlines travel or when traveling across the countries.

Weekend break vacations, overnight journeys, or instances where you just require a modification of clothes, gain from an attempted and real Ghurka leather duffle bag. Offered in an assortment of all-natural hues, there’s one to match any kind of taste. Various other options in a Ghurka duffle bag include sorting handles, organizational functions, the design of the opening, and the number of outside pockets. A classic Ghurka leather duffle bag is always in vogue, can be made use of by the entire family members, and also will only get better with each usage. So go on as well as splurge, you could consider your Ghurka duffle bag purchase a wise investment.

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