Treat The One You Love With Flowers That Will Last A Year

Flowers have always been one of the most romantic and sophisticated gestures when it comes to gifts, however, it is not a gift that lasts for a long time, and that is why the new motto of Venus ET Fleur is “Treat who you love with flowers that last a year “.

The way they treat the flowers makes them last up to a year, and that is easily achieved by not irrigating them with water, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight, keeping them in their box, among other tips that Venus ET Fleur dictates us.

These floral arrangements are made with Ecuadorian Roses, where they are grown in such a way that they look very luxurious when it reaches its maximum flowering point, and it is just at that moment when they cut them and send them to the Venus ET Fleur facilities located in the city of New York, where to keep their beauty as long as possible, they submit the flowers to a process of pigmentation.

Among its best-selling floral arrangements we have the Venus ET Fleur Pink Watercolor Collection, designed exclusively to surprise our mothers in their day, this comes in a pink box with beautiful details that resemble watercolor, It has about 36-42 precious eternal equations of “De Venus de Ecuador”, you can choose your own the color of the colors you want to surprise your mother, where it will cost about $ 499 onwards, it’s worth to see your mother smile.

Another of its arrangements is Venus ET Fleur Lé Petite Papillon, containing four beautiful Ecuadorian roses of Venus Roses in a beautiful box with a vintage pattern of butterflies, and it is here where we say that beauty is in simplicity, and we can buy it for the price from $ 169 and up.

And now Venus ET Fleur is venturing into the world of luxurious sewing, with a beautiful a bathrobe designed in pure white plush fabric, with which you can relax or you can give it to the person you love for the price of $ 289.

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